In the pursuit of creating supreme, unrivaled packaging products, we work closely with experts through out the world to bring you the latest technology in product packaging. There are 3 main goals we pursue: Reduce Waste,  Add Convenience and Value for the end user and Amplify Selling Points to boost sales for our customers.

Below are some special features that can be added to packaging to achieve these goals.

Resealable closures

Resealable closures can be added to a variety of different flexible packaging format such as self-standing pouches, flat bottomed bags, three side seal pouches and side gusset bags.

The benefit that a resealable closure gives the consumer in terms of convenience, ease of use and the ability to protect the product and prevent spillage can be a real selling point when the consumer is choosing between to similar products.

Types of resealable closure include Press to Close, Zippers, Pocket Tab Zippers and Sliders.

Easy Tear Notches & laser scoring

Tear Notches are used to allow the consumer easy access to the product inside the packaging without the need for scissors. This is especially great for snack food and confectionery packaging for consumers on the go.

Most often the tear notches are placed on both sides of the package to accommodate both right and left handed consumers.

Laser Scoring can also be added to ensure a nice straight tear when the consumer opens the packaging. This is especially useful when the product is intended for multi use and is resealable.

Tamper proof pour spouts

Pour spouts can be added to self standing pouches, shaped pouches and three side seal pouches. Pour spouts are a fantastic solution for non traditional drinks packaging for consumers on the go and have the added benefit of making the packaging resealable.

Our pour spouts are made to be tamper proof to maintain the integrity of the product inside the packaging and bringing peace of mind to the consumer buying the product.

They are are available in a variety of shapes and colours.

retort pouches

A retort pouch is a type of flexible packaging for food which created by aseptic processing and made from multiple layers of flexible laminate, allowing for the sterile packaging of a wide variety of food and drink.

Using only five percent of the packaging material compared to the conventional cans allows the Retort Pouch to be sterilised at lower temperatures in less time.

Retort packaging enables less bulky packaging compared to traditional cans and jars allowing food to be efficiently cooked quickly while providing excellent palatability for your customer. Quality of food products maintain their full-flavour and texture without destroying vital nutrients.

We offer high performing retort pouches to maximise shelf life without the need for refrigeration, while maintaining product freshness, taste and aroma.

Our strong sealed custom made retort pouches are especially designed to withstand the high heat and pressure requirements used to cook and microwave food products.

Flexible Packaging Specialites

We provide wide range of eye-catching Flat Bottom Bags, Quad Seal Bags, Standup Pouches, Gusseted bags, 3-Side Seal Pouches and Die Cut Shaped Pouches - in various combinations and thicknesses according to product requirements and shelf life. 

Specialities include retort pouches, boil in the bag, vacuum bags,
Bag in Box, microwaveable pouches and spout pouches.

Specialised Design Features:
  • Matt or Gloss Films as will as Kraft coverings.
  • High Foil Barrier or Metalised films for freshness
  • Metallic & Pearlised inks
  • Holographic Printing for Securitiy