O.F PACK - supplier of recyclable flexible packaging

OF Packaging is working to provide a breadth of sustainable flexible packaging options to our customers through constant innovation- driven research and development. We hope to be a leading supplier of recyclable flexible packaging formats to Australia in the years to come.


We launched our first printed, fully recyclable stand up pouch at the beginning of 2019, in collaboration with our customer Brookfarm. Made from low density polyethelene,this mono-polymer pouch has huge potential for recycling via the elimination of issues associated with mixed laminate films.

Major supermarket brands both here and overseas are endorsing recyclable films as a way forward for soft plastics, with a reduction in landfill waste and movement towards a circular economy.

OF Packaging now have the capacity to make a range of printed recyclable stand up or three side seal pouches from LDPE, as well as printed rewind film for Form Fill Seal machinery applications.

Shelf stable products with low-medium barrier requirements, as well as fast moving consumer goods, can benefit from using our recyclable pouches and rewind.


Unlike biodegradable materials, home compostable films (such as cellulose)have the capacity to break down entirely over a matter of weeks, not years. Despite limited applications for compostable films in the current market, O F Packaging are working to improve the barrier properties of compostable films and make them a viable option for a wider range of products.

While many brands have worked on for industrial-composting, we recognised that Australian infrastructure would not typically support these film structures, and instead focused on home-compostable solutions for our customers.

We can now create a range of printed stand up and three side seal pouches, as well as printed rewind from home compostable film.